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“If you look at the first game on paper, it’s the perfect storm for failure,” says Epic Game’s Cliff Bleszinski of his now-multimillion-selling franchise Gears of War. “You have Epic and Scion merging, you have a new version of the Unreal Engine, we’d never done a game on the 360, we hadn’t done a single-player game since the first Unreal, we’d never done a third-person game…the list goes on and on.”
Gears of War certainly didn’t fail, and its hugely anticipated third chapter is now EGM’s December issue cover feature. We dip into the latest details on Gears of War 3’s bevy of upgrades, including the new co-op mode Beast, and a new competitive multiplayer mode Team Deathmatch.
In the spirit of all things Gears, this issue also brings you a Gears of War retrospective. Imagine what this series would have been like if the original vision of a more “Band of Brothers” Gears had come to fruition…
Brutal in its own way is Electronic Art’s latest in the Fight Night series, called Fight Night Champion. In our exclusive first-look at this strikingly detailed boxing game, EGM 242.0 goes hands-on to give you a taste of what’s to come as the series introduces EA Sports’ first M-rated title.
As a special feature this month, we kickstart the holiday madness with our 2010 Buyer’s Guide and top it off with all the features, reviews, previews and more you’ve come to expect from EGM. From The EGM Interview with Tim Schafer, talking about what it’s like to put everything you have on the line to our exclusive shots on some of the best upcoming titles, EGM 242.0 is packed with new info from cover to cover.
Look for EGM 242.0 on newsstands November 10, 2010 (subscriber copies should start arriving any day)!